Andy Garwood

Alcohol Support Coach

I am a 56-year-old dad of 4 boys aged 29, 25, 13 and 9.

Retired from that stuff now as I clearly wasn’t meant to have a girl!

I like watching football and still do, as I have been watching it every Saturday and Sunday for the last 25 years and got at least another 10 years still to go.

I am born and bred in Essex, England, where I learned to laugh at myself and have some banter and fun even in tough times.

Now my passion is to help many people change their relationship with alcohol.

I Know Where You're At!

Together We Are Stronger

My sleep was broken and restless.

I suffered from bouts of hangxiety (hangovers and anxiety).

My skin was getting worse, and my eyes looked foggy as I aged.

Aching kidneys and back were not a problem – they were again a sign of older age.

I told myself the narrative that my life was dull and boring. I was just looking after the kids on my way to a boring retirement with no real meaning and purpose in life.

It’s now my passion to help as many people as possible all over the globe break free of the chains of alcohol.

I Made A Simple Change

I Just Took A Break From Alcohol

It’s funny how after taking a break from the booze, all the above disappeared or improved.

I lost over 4 stone in weight, my skin cleared, my eyes got their sparkle back.

I could deal with all problems!

My sleep is unbroken, and I feel rested.

My mind is sharper and more productive.

My body and lower back don’t constantly ache.

I’ve met so many friends from around the globe. I’ve competed in ultra-obstacle course races, completed my first triathlon at 52, climbed mountains in the UK and Kilimanjaro in Africa. Have already planned Nepal in 2023 and will reach Everest Base camp.

I have truly gone from languishing in life to flourishing. Already I have inspired many to an alcohol-free life, watching them grow, being a better partner/parent inspiring their kids and those around them.

My Values

Together We Will Succeed

These are my core values:

My Story

Now Here's the thing...

This is where I am different to other coaches. I’ve not just trained in all the above. I have lived it.

After having ankle surgery and coming out of a caste straight away, I tried to carry on. I went drinking straight away and after a week my ankle was not recovering.

The drink had come first again. I had not rested it like I should, or performed the exercises I was given. It was then on a Monday morning, 52 years old looking at my 2 youngest sons that I had my epiphany. They deserved better. These were my biggest whys. My wife deserved better and indeed I deserved better.
Now was the time, I realised finally this is one short precious life.

It’s not a rehearsal. I wasn’t coming back again someday to do it all properly.

I knew deep down what the problem was, but I had circumnavigated all my life so I could carry on drinking. So, on Monday May 14th, 2018, I decided to take a break from alcohol. I never said forever but I knew I needed a decent break. So, I joined a 90-day challenge.

Over the last 35 years I had done a couple of dry Januarys, but this was purely on will power counting the days. Willpower is like a muscle and can only go on so long.

So, this time I took a different approach, and this is what we will learn together. It was tough but I set myself small goals. I adopted a positive mindset and identified my triggers and the inner voice telling me it was ok just to have one.

I read positive psychology books and listened to numerous podcasts. I carried out all my rehab and started to walk lots and connect with nature.

This time after a few weeks, things were feeling different. I read even more, and the outdoors and countryside became my go-to drug.

Then the magic happened. At 60-70 days, a fog seemed to lift like something I have never experienced before. I was coming to the end of my 90-day target, but I wanted more of this. No way was I going to give up this feeling of awesomness. I wasn’t going back, I wanted more.

I wanted to set myself a target out of my comfort zone, so I signed up for my first triathlon to complete by May 2019, 1 year after ditching the booze.

So now I had something to train for, I couldn’t run a bath let alone a mile and I swam like a lead balloon.

I duly completed the Sevenoaks Tri in April 2019 and indeed inspired my 10 and 6-year-old sons to do their first kid’s triathlons the following year.

Not only had I had gone from languishing in life to flourishing but I had now become an inspiration too.

I had finally become my true authentic self.

I had found my true meaning and purpose in life, and I wanted to give back. From here on in its history.

I have read, listened, interacted and studied and am now helping people like you discover their true authentic self, become an inspiration and be the best version of themselves they can be.

Andy Garwood